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This Web site is specific to the Experimental/Reboot version of Rust. Please visit Rust Guide Legacy for information on the Alpha/Legacy version of Rust.

Rust Development News

Only changes impacting gameplay listed here (see Release Notes for more info.)

  • 30-01-2015
    • F2 Menu: Added audio and input (mouse) settings; Added FPS graph
    • Dark skinned Player WIP
    • Show main vitals in Inventory menu
  • 29-01-2015
  • 28-01-2015
    • Visit Rustafied for images and a video of all the recent UI changes
    • Inventory: slots reduced to 24 (from 32); middle-click & drag moves half of stack, right-click & drag moves one item
    • Loot UI
  • 27-01-2015
    • Chat UI: Steam avatars added
    • Animals now only spawn in the temperate biome; Update: changes reverted
    • In-game Player voice louder
    • Blueprint/Craft UI
    • Inventory: Selected item UI redesigned, changed to click (from hover)
  • 26-01-2015
    • Skip Death screen on server join (unless Player actually died)
  • 22-01-2015
    • Console Commands removeowner, removemoderator, unbanid, ban.banid
    • Tool Cupboard no longer blocks building but is needed for demolish, rotate, and upgrade; Update: changes reverted
    • Hazmat Clothing now increases damage when attacked
    • Torch: crafting requirements changed

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